Middletown, New Jersey

David Saidnawey

David Saidnawey

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Middletown, New Jersey

844 Route 35
Middletown, NJ 07748

Phone: (732) 671-3155
Fax: (732) 671-3177
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Store Hours:
Mon - Wed: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Thurs - Fri: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Wild Birds Unlimited of Red Bank (Middletown), NJ

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April Nature Happenings

• Project FeederWatch ends this month (click for more)
• Spring wildflowers in bloom
• Begin to monitor nest boxes after the middle of the month.
• South winds bring major waves of migrating birds such as thrushes and warblers.
• Osprey, Bald Eagles and hawks return.
• Green Herons arrive.
• Woodcocks continue their “sky dance” courtship flights.
• Hummingbirds arrive. Be sure to have their feeders ready.
• Purple Martins arrive by mid-month.
• Buttercups, Lady’s Slipper and Trilliums join the Virginia Bluebells.
• Start looking for Mayapples at the end of the month.
• Lyrids meteor shower, late-April.
• Earth Day, April 22.

For the Monmouth County, New Jersey region:

  • Chipmunks, groundhogs, turtles, and frogs are all emerging from hibernation.
  • Some of our winter birds will begin to head north. Watch (and listen for) White-throated Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Pine Siskins before they depart for their summer breeding grounds. 
  • Ruby-throated Hummingbirds will return in mid-April (check out the migration map). Get those feeders cleaned and out. 
  • Some birds will be nesting already. These include Chickadees, Titmice, Robins, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers.
  • Migrants that could show up in your yard include Eastern Towhees, Brown Thrashers, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Brown Creepers, and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.
  • Deer begin to grow antlers.
  • Hawk migration peaks in late April. Head out to the Hawk Watch platform at Sandy Hook and enjoy the show.